Wayne Hardy:
“Lynette and I attended Legacy Services and received a lot of useful information.  Mark Loeber is a gifted communicator and will be a great help to those of us that need to get our financial future in order.  Mark loves Christ and his emphasis reflects his desire     for all of us to live in obedience to our Lord.  What a wonderful opportunity to also insure The Kirk’s ministry for future generations.”


Sarah Welch:
“The seminar raised our awareness level of how to best plan for a secure future – invaluable!!”


Jim Carey:
“Mark Loeber was engaging, knowledgeable, and entertaining.  His explanations were in terms that didn’t require extensive previous understanding of the subject matter.  He     approached his topic from a Biblical point of view.
He opened our eyes to some planning considerations that were new to us.  He gave some     practical examples and listed specific financial documents that could be important to     individuals and to their heirs.”