Frequently Asked Questions


How does this service work?
This service is a part of the outreach stewardship of The Kirk.  If you are interested in talking with someone about finances and getting a plan for you and your household, contact Kirk Legacy Services at 918-491-0079.  There are no strings attached and no requirements for church members who use this service.

How much does it cost to use this service?
This is a church sponsored service to the church community and is offered at no cost.  If you decide to go forward with your estate plan, there will be fees associated with using an attorney (you can use an attorney of your choice, or Kirk Legacy Services can recommend one for you).

What does the service do?
The services provided through Kirk Legacy Services department help families and individuals get their estate plan and finances in order to be able to pass down to the next generation and bless the Kingdom of God.  This service is typically valued at $350 - $500 to sit down with a professional and create a plan.

Will KLS work with my allied professional(s)?
Kirk Legacy Services exists to serve the church members.  If, after the plan is created, a church member would like to work with their professional advisor or other professional, KLS will work to make sure that they are a part of the process to expedite the documents and paperwork, or a professional can be recommended by KLS.

Is KLS “selling” a product or program?
Kirk Legacy Services is a free service to church members; they are not selling products, acting as trustee for estates, selling insurance, or any other products or services.

Am I required to make a gift to The Kirk if I use the service?
No.  There are no strings attached in regard to utilizing the services of the department.  Whether you have a quick question you want to ask over the phone or email or you come in to sit down with the KLS staff, there is no charge and no gift requirement.

If you have other questions that are not addressed here, please contact us.  We are here to assist you in every way possible.  Please call Mark Loeber at 918-491-0079 or email him at