The Mission Movement Forum is a wonderful place to discover and explore.  It is a place where you can:

  • Rub shoulders with ministry and mission agency representatives
  • Choose from scores of breakout sessions relevant to you 
  • Address the very issues you are pondering - matters of God's will and finances
  • Discover your next steps to serving God's global cause
  • Attend workshop tracks designed specifically for Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millennials

Long term, short term, at home, or abroad.  Now or several years from now.  You will find something that moves you.

October 2nd - 3rd
Venue 68
Tulsa, OK

For more information regarding the Tulsa Mission Movement Forum on October 2-3rd, please fill out the form below.  Someone from The Kirk missions team will be contacting you shortly.


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