Kirk Leaders

Our church leadership team is called the Session, and consists of ruling elders, who are elected from the congregation, and teaching elders (pastors). Below is a list of our current elders:

Teaching Elders (Pastors)
Wayne Hardy
Dan Bair
Aaron Elmore

Ruling Elders
Mark Buntz (Finance)
Mike Geiger
Julia Klammer
Kelly Monaghan
Gordon Polly (Finance)
Earlyne Reynolds
Brad Rollins
Jim Satrom (Finance)
Sabrina Triplett

You can contact the Session at

Deacons are also spiritual leaders, serving in key areas of ministry throughout the church:

Heather Zemanek - Kirk Preschool Ministry
Emily Burns - Kirk Kiddos Ministry (Birth-Kindergarten)
Anne Stevenson - Kirk Kids Ministry (1st-6th grade)
Kari Suttee - Student Ministry (7th-12th grade)
Dana Kuehn - Student Ministry (7th-12th grade)
Sharon Bentley - Community of Friends (Special Needs)
Cara Mohler - Hospitality
Erich Schwinn - Men's Ministry
Marcia Bursinger - Widow’s Ministry