Leadership Transition

Thank you for visiting our Leadership Transition page. The Kirk is in a season of celebration for how God has blessed us over the years and expectant hope as we trust God to lead us in His plans for our future.

Pastor Wayne Hardy, our senior pastor, will be retiring from The Kirk in August 2020. The EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) requires that Session appoint members to a transition team when a current pastor plans to retire from the church. The purpose of the transition team, is to implement the process and search for the replacement of The Kirk’s senior pastor.

We plan for a pastoral crossover to begin before Pastor Wayne retires in August of 2020.

Below you will find a bio for each representative on the transition team. Also, here you will find ongoing updates throughout our lead pastor transition process.



Sandra has been a member of The Kirk for nine years. In that time, she has served on the Hospitality Team, Communion Team, served as a WOW Small Group Leader, three years as Elder on the Missions Committee, served on Sunday mornings with Special Buds, GPO for Presbytery , Small Group member, and has gone on mission trips to Costa Rica and Tanzania. Sandra has been married to Robert for 32 years and they have six children and six grandchildren. They have also fostered three children from Savanna Landing and are in the process of adopting one of those children.


John has been a member of The Kirk approximately 35 years. Over the years, he has served in a variety of capacities at the church including Family Camp Committee, Usher, Men’s Journey Group Leader, Men’s Joshua Group, Goodland Academy Work Crew, Reading Partners, and a member of several Small Groups. John, a retired orthodontist, has been married to his wife, Kathryn, for 45 years and they have two children and five grandchildren.


Chris has been a member of The Kirk for 15 years. During this time, he was on staff for eight years and has volunteered his audio/visual experience for all 15 years. Currently, Chris is a standing Elder at The Kirk. He is an Area Director for Harmon and travels throughout the year visiting churches all over the United States. Chris and his wife, Katy, have three children.


Lynn has been a member of The Kirk for 40 years. Areas she has served in include serving as an Elder, WOW Leader, Children’s Ministry, Reading Partners, and a member of Small Groups. Lynn works part-time at Bruce G. Weber Precious Jewels. She serves on the board of the Tulsa Town Hall and is involved with several committees at Southern Hills Country Club. Recently, she is excited about her new role as a grandmother to two grandchildren that are four and six weeks old.


Brad and his wife, Jenny, have been at The Kirk for over 10 years. During that time they have served in the Hospitality Ministry and led a Small Group. Currently, Brad is a standing Elder. Previously, he served as a Finance Elder. Brad is the Director of Portfolio Implementation at Mariner Wealth Advisors. Brad and Jenny have a 22 month old son, Reese, and a nine-year-old dog, Quincy.



All members of the transition team as well as Session went through a two-day workshop with Auxano Consulting covering the topic of transitioning a senior pastor.


The transition team met with each of the associate pastors to discuss the future.


To date, the transition team has met on four different occasions. The team has been focusing on deciding whether to go with an internal vs. external candidate. They will be interviewing Dan Bair and Aaron Elmore this month. Sean Farver has decided to remain at Kirk Crossing.

April 2019

During the last couple of months, the Transition Team has been involved in a variety of activities. Individuals from the team have visited several Small Groups and Sunday School classes, explaining the search process and providing an opportunity for questions and comments. A meeting with our liaison to the Ministerial Committee of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church provided beneficial information regarding our responsibilities to the EPC and we are presently compiling material about The Kirk and our search that they requested. The Transition Team also met with Session, updating them on our progress and clarifying pastor job descriptions. Formal interviews of internal candidates have been completed and a decision regarding an outside search should be forthcoming.

The Transition Team continues to methodically move forward in the search process while prayerfully seeking God’s will in all of our decisions. Please continue to pray for the Transition Team, Session, and our congregation during this season of change.

June 2019

There is not much to report at this time, as the Transition Team’s work has been slowed the last several weeks. Because it influences our assignment, we feel the congregation’s decision concerning the future of Kirk Crossing needs to be finalized before proceeding with our responsibilities.

July 2019

We received a question about the congregation's ability to meet and vote on multiple candidates for the Senior Pastor position. Below, is our answer.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Our search is governed by rules set out by the EPC & contained in the EPC Procedure Manual for Ministerial and Candidates Committee (chapter 5). In that process, we must ultimately identify one candidate & agree on terms of call with them (offer them the position and agree on pay & benefits package) before we make an announcement and call for a congregational meeting. Because of this requirement, it is not possible to bring forth multiple candidates from which the congregation gets to choose.

Please continue to pray for our committee. We are confident that, in His sovereignty, the Lord is leading us. We are excited for the future at The Kirk.

Q and A for the Transition Team


What is the purpose of Auxano, what did they tell you to look for?


We have received a few questions about the role of the consulting firm, Auxano, in our transition process. We think the questions are good & want to give a clear answer on how they are helping us. 

 First, they are not a search firm. They also did not hand us a profile of what our new senior pastor should look like. Our work with them helped us to understand that many times, a pastoral transition gets boiled down to the "search" & doesn't address other important issues that often arise during a pastoral transition. some of these other issues are 

·defining the type of transition that will take place (we prefer one in which Wayne and the new senior pastor have an overlap period for continuity) 

·caring for the retiring pastor as he transitions out

·correct onboarding of the new pastor, as well as other factors that need to be managed in what is a big transition.

Auxano gave us a framework in which to think about issues that will be relevant to the Kirk, a language in which to discuss them, and helps us develop a timeline in which to address them. 

They have been very helpful in preparing us for all facets of the transition process.



Can you tell us what you are looking for in a new pastor?


Below is a list of characteristics that describe what we are looking for in our next pastor.


 The following qualities and characteristics will be utilized as a guide while evaluating a new pastor for the Kirk.

SCRIPTURAL UNDERSTANDING – not just scriptural knowledge but Biblical wisdom that guides faith-filled lives.  A strong belief in and commitment to the sanctity of life.

GOOD CHARACTER – a deep, transparent faith.    Honest, humble  and accountable with integrity above reproach.

COMPETENT – a strong, decisive leader with a clear possession of wisdom and discernment.

RELATIONAL – the ability to listen, understand and engage all ages with warmth and sincerity.  An outgoing and welcoming spirit.

TEACHING ABILITY – the ability to communicate Biblical truths in a way people can understand, relate to and utilize in their daily lives.

TEAM BUILDER – a mentor who recognizes the gifts of others and can empower individuals to be good leaders.  A good shepherd.

DISCIPLE-BUILDING FOCUS – a heart for evangelism.  The desire to bring new people to Christ while enhancing the spiritual maturity of all church goers.

SELF-AWARENESS – the ability to recognize personal strengths and weaknesses. The courage and confidence to accept constructive criticism.  

DRIVE – a passion to serve and glorify God.  The perseverance to complete tasks and achieves goals.

VISION – a strategic, forward-thinking leader with the ability to energize the church to move forward.   Open to bold new ideas while respectful of past traditions. 

If you have any questions regarding the process for the transition team, we invite you to send them an email to transition@thekirk.com. Feel free to check this page often for updates.