The Kirk Foundation

The Kirk Foundation was established to provide a way to enhance legacy giving and future giving from The Kirk to further God’s Kingdom.

Legacy giving is defined as giving that is part of ones estate via a will or trust (not cash given today, but provided through a future designated beneficiary).  Legacy giving could also be used if an asset or business was sold today, then a large tithe from that sale could be placed into the Foundation.

The Kirk Foundation is not a mechanism that will pay for normal operating church expenses, but is used for new church plant projects (i.e. Kirk Crossing) or missions.

As an outreach to each member of The Kirk, we have established a relationship with Mark Loeber at The Advancement Group.  Mark’s role is to help shepherd each family to better understand how to plan their future estates, while maximizing the impact and minimizing problems for surviving family members.  He does not provide legal services, financial planning or asset management.  However, he can recommend someone to provide those services if needed.  Mark helps identify a best path forward for your estate and assets, which may or may not include legacy giving to The Kirk.

Kirk Foundation Board Members:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • David Pritz
  • George Hertensteiner
  • Jim Satrom
  • Stephen Fagg
  • Brad Rollins    
  • Mike Bartel                                  

Please feel free to contact Jera Holder or any of the above board members if you have any questions.