History of The Kirk

For many years men and women of vision in many of the churches across Presbytery had been thinking, talking, and planning for the outreach of the church into the new areas of the city of Tulsa. Beginning in summer of 1958, the Church Extension Committee of the Presbytery of Tulsa, under the leadership of its chairman, Dr. Bryant Kirkland, and aided by Mr. Hunter Stagg, one of its members, began a diligent search of real estate openings in the general area to establish a new Presbyterian church on the southeast side of Tulsa. 

Early in June, 1960, the committee in full met on top of a hillside at 61st and Pittsburg, and immediately were convinced that this was a most desirable site for a church. Several meetings of the committee took place under the open trees on this hilltop as the members dedicated themselves in prayer asking for wisdom and the accessibility of the property for a new United Presbyterian Church. 

On June 18, 1960, the Presbytery approved the plan of the committee to purchase this site.  

Sunday evening, April 9, 1961, representatives of all ten Presbyterian churches in the city and other churches in the Presbytery of Tulsa, assembled at Andrew Carnegie Elementary School to hold the first meeting of a promotional nature to inform the area of the new church plan. 

On May 17, 1961, the first organizational meeting was held in the First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa at which time a program committee was elected composed of the following persons: Mr. Donald Bennett, Mr. Clifford Bowers, Mr. Thomas Brett, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cowan, Mr. C. Ray Grosvenor, Mr. Ed Hamilton, Mrs. Martha Knight, Mr. John Lewis, Mr. Donald Mitchell, Mr. Ron Roberts, Mr. John Seitz, and Mr. Jack Schafer. 

The Reverend Lewis M. Evans arrived on May 31, 1961. He was officially called as the Missioner-Evangelist of the Presbytery of Tulsa to begin the work of organizing the new church.

The program committee held its first meeting at the manse on Sunday evening, May 1, 1961. This date was selected for it was Pentecost, the anniversary of the birth of the Christian Church. Acting upon the research and recommendations of its sub-committees: worship, evangelism, Christian education, publicity, and stewardship, this group made many important decisions regarding the new church. 

On Sunday, June 18, 1961, this congregation held its first service of worship at its temporary meeting place, Andrew Carnegie Elementary School. In a spirit of great rejoicing, over 150 people gathered to praise and thank God for his providential guidance and care. Also on that day, a full Christian education program began. 

The fellowship gathered for its first observance of Holy Communion on World-wide Communion Sunday, October 1, 1961.

On November 12, 1961, at a special meeting of the congregation of the Presbytery of Tulsa officially received 165 members into the new church. Also at that time, the bylaws of the new church were approved and its first officers elected.

The Presbytery of Tulsa in a solemn service of worship officially chartered Kirk of the Hills, United Presbyterian, on Sunday, November 19, 1961.

On Sunday, January 14, 1962, the Presbytery, acting on the vote of the congregation, formally installed the Reverend Lewis Evans as the Pastor of Kirk of the Hills.

Groundbreaking of Kirk of the Hills

Groundbreaking of Kirk of the Hills

The steeple being placed at Kirk of the Hills

The steeple being placed at Kirk of the Hills