December Bible Reading Plan

Each December we retell the amazing story about a baby born over 2,000 years ago who changed the world forever. In the midst of a season when society focuses on materialism and selfishness, as Christians we have the opportunity to focus on the story of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, and the prophecies about his birth, the story of his birth, and what that means for us today.

Take time individually, as a family, or with friends, to spend time in God’s word during this busy season to realign your heart and mind and focus on the reason for the season: Jesus Christ. Advent ends on Christmas Eve, but this reading plan will expand through the end of the month.

Ideas on how to do the readings:

  • Carve out 10-20 minutes of uninterrupted time

  • Begin with prayer, it can be as simple as, “God, allow me to hear and understand your word today.” However, make sure to take time to remind yourself about what you are doing, and to ask God to illuminate His word to you.

  • Next, read the passage. You can read it silently if you are alone, or aloud in a group. If you are doing this as a family with younger children, try and get them to read or repeat words or phrases. Ask yourself or your group: 1. What did you observe and notice about this passage? 2. Who wrote this book of the Bible? When was it written in comparison to Jesus’ birth? 3. How does this passage connect to Jesus Christ? How does this passage connect to His birth? How does this passage connect to the big story of what God is doing with humanity? 4. What does this passage say to us about who God is?

  • End with a short prayer asking God to help you remember the true reason for the Christmas season.

december_reading_plan .jpg