Gospel Fight Club

A Series through Galatians

The fight continues round after round, day after day.......what will win our hearts and capture our attention? Will we allow the authentic gospel to satisfy our deepest longings and heal our deepest wounds, or will we look to other, false gospels for hope?  

Will we live under the law of grace? Will we live as slaves to sin or children of God? Will we be controlled by the flesh or the Spirit of God? With each round of Fight Club, the intensity builds! Join us as we step into the ring and allow the grace of the gospel to win the fight for us against the false gospels of our day.

This sermon series focuses on three of our key Kirk Values: Bible Grounded, Relationship Focused, Gospel Driven. For more regarding The Kirk's Values, please click here

Several of The Kirk's Small Groups are doing a study that corresponds to this sermon series. If you are interested in joining a group, click here.