Kirk of the Hills Columbarium

Columbarium in early Rome meant simply, a nesting place for doves.  In those ancient times, when Christian's relegated to Rome's catacombs began using cliff-side niches to seal away ashes of the faithful who died, Columbarium took on its present meaning:  compartments for the storage of cremated remains.    For centuries, Christians have honored their loved ones with dignified resting places in churchyards on their grounds.  In this tradition, The Columbarium at Kirk of the Hills provides a place for interring the cremated remains of church members and their loved ones.  In celebration of God's everlasting promise, The Columbarium located within the Meditation Garden provides spiritual comfort and a permanent place to contemplate life eternal.

Certainly, one of the most important functions of our church’s ministry to our Kirk family is providing comfort and guidance with end of life issues.  The growing practice of cremation makes it possible for our church to restore the tradition of members of the congregation being able to permanently house their loved one’s remains in a memorial setting of the utmost dignity and respect.  In the context of establishing end of life estate plans, what a benefit it now is for The Kirk to offer the option of assisting a family with that process. In the event of a death, in addition to providing pastoral counseling and conducting the memorial service, offering the option of The Columbarium as a final resting place for the deceased loved one’s remains serves to help relieve the grieving family of one more issue to have to deal with at that difficult time.

To reserve a niche in The Columbarium, the one-time fee is $2,000.  The fee includes the right of interment in the reserved niche and the ongoing care of The Columbarium.  It also includes the engraving of the granite faceplate with the name, date of birth and date of death.  A second urn may be added to a niche for $1,200.  The fee does not include cremation.

For further information or to reserve a niche, please contact Tammy Gill at 918.494.7088.