Our Leaders

Our church leadership team is called the Session, and consists of ruling elders (elected from the congregation) and teaching elders (pastors). Below is a list of our current elders:

Teaching Elders
Dr. Wayne Hardy
Dr. Dan Bair
Pastor Sean Farver
Pastor Aaron Elmore

Ruling Elders
Sandra Deal
Pat Daily
Stephen Fagg
Michael Jansen
Jay List
Julia Klammer
Michael Pate
Chris Pyron
Lynn Redwine
Earlyne Reynolds
Brad Rollins
Jim Satrom

You can contact the Session by email through the Clerk of Session - beth.nelson@cox.net

Shane Coloney
Ellen Smith
Susan Collier
Anne Stevenson
Melissa Hull
Monica Whiteley
Sharon Bentley
Cara Mohler
Michael Steele
Sandra Miller
Jamie Smith
Gordon Polly
Jana Love
Sara Anderson
Dana Kuehn
Matt Krafft