Bible Studies

These content-focused studies meet weekly, some following the school schedule and others meeting year-round. Please contact the leader to find out what the group is studying or for the latest schedule.

Monday Morning (Women) W.O.W. 9:30-11:30am, Upper Room, Kirk of the Hills, Learn More

Tuesday Morning (Men & Women) -  9:30-10:30am, Conference Room, Kirk of the Hills, Led by Peggy Alexander

Wednesday Morning (Men) 7:00-8:00am, Kirk Crossing, led by Pastor Sean Farver

Wednesday Morning (Men & Women) - 7:30-8:30am, Chapel, Kirk of the Hills, Led by Pastor Aaron Elmore

Wednesday Community Bible Studies (Men & Women)
6:30am at Mazzio's Corporate office: 4441 S 72nd East Ave.
11:30am at Richmond Plaza: 4200 E. Skelly Dr.
Led by Pastor Dan Bair

Wednesday Night (Women) W.O.W. 6:15-7:45pm, Kirk of the Hills and Kirk Crossing, Learn More