2018 Nominating Form

Nominations are open September 24.

Leadership roles are three-year terms, beginning in January 2018.

We will be appointing six (6) members to the nominating committee, three (3) Elders, and one (1) Finance Elder.  

Seven (7) open Deacon positions include Women's Ministry Deacon, Men's Ministry Deacon, Preschool Deacon for Kirk of the Hills, Preschool Deacon for Kirk Crossing, Community of Friends Deacon, Kirk Kiddos (Early Childhood) Deacon at Kirk of the Hills, and Kirk Kiddos (Early Childhood) Deacon at Kirk Crossing.

Please ensure you that you have spoken with the person you are nominating.  It is important that this person is comfortable being nominated, and is aware of the requirements of the position.  Also, all leaders are required to attend the next six-week leadership training class.

To nominate someone for one of these positions, please click here.